We have few different varieties of hair extensions,: Tape Ons, Microlinks, Hot fusion and Cold fusion

Tape ons are like a 1.5″ wide tapes glued to your hair, advantages: less expensive hair extensions option, it takes only a half hour to put it on, lasts up to 2 months, great option for wedding , parties and other special events. Microlinks ¬†are like a single strands of hair attached to your hair with a silicone ring, they last for up to 4 months, very good movement in your hair, Cold and hot fusion is one of the newest method for hair extensions, they are single strands of hair extensions attached to your hair with a special equipment that uses the ultrasound wave to attach the bonds, it is pretty amazing method because it doesn’t damage your hair at all, very very safe, almost invisible, the hair movement is amazing they last up to 6 months (depending how you take care of it and how fast your hair grows ).

Our success today is because we offer a very personal service to you as an individual; we understand that each individual client is different, before we work our magic on your hair; we LISTEN and SEE what YOU want, we are devoted in mastering perfection in our craft. Our customer loyalty is a demonstration of our work.

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